The following blog has been written to shed light on our terms of use and adequately describe how we intend to treat our client’s personal information. We have further explained clauses related to your use of our website and the services provided by us. Use of the website has been strictly limited to clients of age, eighteen years and above. Anyone not fitting the age-criteria is barred from using our service. We employ incredibly commercial and reasonable tactics to safeguard your information. This includes managerial and technical expertise when it comes to securing your data. However, the information you put on the cloud or transmit to us is on the internet and can be tampered. We cannot give you a guarantee for the security of your information. The following points will further elaborate on our clauses: DATA COLLECTION -Use of the service: activities like the use of the search function and conversion or downloaded files are recorded. Along with your IP address, non-personal details about your device’s specifications (browser, language, operating system, time and date of requests and reference URL) and origin country. This information is individually logged, with aggregated information; in case there is an event where content has been inappropriately used. -Use of information: factors of usage like the type of material being accessed, download history, searched keywords and other such statistics would be taken into the record by us. -Content upload: we will record any content uploaded by you. Along with materials that you access and transmit. -Cookies: During our service with you, we might send you cookies. To properly evaluate your sessions and personalize your experience. The cookies can be both persistent and session cookies. -Correspondences: a record of the exchanges between our clients and us may be kept too. DATA USE: to offer a personally curated experience, we believe in providing our clients with specific features. We also, use that data to efficiently operate, improve and maintain the features and functions of our service. We use Web Beacons and cookies to save information. It saves you from having to re-enter data. This feature also gives us the ability to provide premium content that fits your taste. We use this information to keep track of the traffic on our website too. The data is also used to target ads. Lastly, the data mentioned above is used as well for contests, surveys, and promotions. INFORMATION DISCLOSURE Obtaining a certain amount of data is mandatory for us; owing to legal obligations. Selective information might also be released when it comes to the protection of our rights. Along with situations that threaten ours and our user’s safety. This means we are obligated to disclose certain information to the government authorities or police if such a situation arises. If and illegal upload, access or transmit is tracked on the website, or someone is suspected of doing the same; all the available information on them will be forwarded to the authorities. The copyright owner shall be informed without your notice too